Every Orca Counts

The Southern Resident orcas living along the West Coast are down to just 74 individuals. Restoring streams that feed into the Pacific, planting trees that benefit regional habitat, and engaging the next generation of orca caretakers will help these pods have the food and clean water they need to thrive.

We need your help. Promise the Pod to make a change before it’s too late.

Their Story
Every movement has a WHY.
Ours also has a WHO.
The Southern Resident orcas living along the West Coast stay together for generations and have members that are over 90 years old.

On July 24, 2018 the first calf born to the group in three years died after being alive for only half an hour. The mother, J35 Tahlequah, carried her baby’s lifeless body on her back for over 2 weeks—a period of mourning never before seen. Today, the West Coast whales are the only segment of orcas listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Extinct means forever, but endangered means we have time to bring this pod back from the brink.
How We Work
Promise the Pod to help make change happen.
We Will Plant Millions of Trees

It’s true, planting trees in the right places can bolster whale populations. We have helped plant over 4.5 million trees since 2019—from British Columbia to California—near salmon streams and in urban areas to reduce pollution and restore healthy habitats.

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We Will Restore Habitat

The orcas are hungry and their waters are polluted. Communities have already identified priority projects to help address two primary threats— toxic contaminants and lack of prey. All they need now is funding.

Where We Work

Our incredible tree planting partners from British Columbia to Northern California are working to get trees in the ground along critical watersheds to ensure the downstream health of salmon, people and orcas.

Want to see where projects are happening near you? Click here to view an interactive map of our planting sites.

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We need your help. Promise the Pod to make a change before it’s too late.


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